Exploring Puerto Rico

Exploring Puerto Rico
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Up to no good :-)

I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while now. The idea of spicy and racy came from my desire to blog about food (mostly spicy if you are from the subcontinent) and a cousin of mine noting that he expected my blog to be racy as well given my personality! I really don't know where people get such impression :-) But the racy part I leave for my husband Mustafa to share his views on politics, books and music. And for those of you who know him well know how opiniated he can be.
Hope this blog will give you a glimpse of our lives, keep us connected and most of all, enjoy what we have to offer. And yes, look out for secret family recipes as well.


  1. Congrats on starting the blog. I look forward to some interesting reading!

  2. Thanks Asif. You are officially our first visitor! :-) Hopefully, you will keep on visiting us. Mustafa already added a blog on healthcare bill. I am thinking up on what to make so I can post it :-)

  3. Great to see you too!
    Fupu - post some recipes
    Fupa - I would refrain on advising you since I like surprises especially from you.

  4. Good Job both of you....where does Cricket fit in?

  5. Sudipto: Mus is going to blog about cricket tonight. As for me, thinking what to cook tonight to post :-)

  6. great job sabs....am proud of you and your recipes...keep it up my friend...love you...

  7. Lims: coming from the culinary queen such as yourself, this is a big compliment. Btw, you can email me some of your culinary secrets to try out and post. Of course, would definitely recognize you in the blog :-)

  8. I love it, especially the title!
    I will reserve my sombre comments for Mus, while Sab, my dear, you will be my click for innovative recipes everytime i need one.
    Joy is already planning his next visit to devour the recipes you have posted so far. Since your instructions are so clear, I am hoping he'll surprise me with a dinner one of these days.

    Recipes that I would like to see are:
    Moroccan/Bangladeshi Begun Bhorta
    Matar Paneer
    Kalo Beef (i don't exactly remember what it's called)

    I'm sure i'll think of others soon...

    Keep 'em coming!