Exploring Puerto Rico

Exploring Puerto Rico
At Cafe Puerto Rico in Old San Juan

Monday, April 26, 2010

First it was nutty, now it's real fishy business ;-)

It's fishy all right! Everytime Mustafa is out of town, I take advantage of his time away to get my fill of fish, seafood and even "shutki"-- dry smelly fish. Mustafa refuses to eat anything aquatic. Maybe in another life, he was a whale ;-)
Few months ago, I bought a stove top grill and boy do I love it! Thank god I have a window in my kitchen as it does get very smoky. You do have to make sure you have your oven fan running as well.

So for dinner tonight, it was a quick 10 minute meal and I am not kidding you. Super healthy and very yummy.

Grilled Cod with Grilled Okra and Bok Choy

Prepare the marinade for the fish (I had 3 pieces of fish)
-- 2 Tbsp of sodium reduced soy sauce
-- 1 tsp of fish sauce
-- 1 Tbsp hot sauce
-- 1 tsp sesame oil
-- 1/2 tsp honey (in my case, I used agave nectar)
-- pinch of salt and freshly crushed black pepper

Put the 3 pieces of fish in a ziploc bag and pour the marinade. Make sure the marinade coats all sides of the fish. Let it marinade in the fridge for 1/2 hour.

Heat the grill until very hot. Place the fish and grill 4 min each side. Do not flip before 4 minutes, otherwise you will break the fish. I know it's hard, but let it be until grill marks form.

On the other side of the grill, I threw in some okra and bok choy. Sprinkled some montreal streak seasoning and a dash of soy sauce. Do not overcook. About 3 min.

You can serve with rice, couscous, polenta or some quinoa. Enjoy!!

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